Tonya (tonyax16) wrote in mchy,

This is my siamese. Her name is KITTY and she will be 4 years old this March.











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AWWW, how cute ^_^

I like the one of her after a bath :)
I think it's the second one, but that seems to be a look my cat gives me sometimes LOL I also like the one before the last picture, they always look so cute attacking things.
she's so cute when I give her a bath. She never tries to get away she just growls and whines the whole time. and glares at me. It's so funny.
Hehe That's actually pretty awesome, my cat sorta does that, but recently he's been trying to escape, I think he's trying to take advice from our other kitties LOL
what a sweet kitty - great photos!
Your cat is just too cute... I love the bath picture.